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Lantern Walk

A Festival Open to Family and Friends

Dusk November 8, 2014

at Our Sons and Daughters School

A walk through the night guided by our lanterns, a potluck supper around the bonfire and shadow puppetry. 

This is a time for us to be together, a time when the darkness of the year is growing stronger, and we gather the last rays of the summer sun to light our way towards the darkness of mid-winter. In Europe, November 11 is the festival of Martinmas, celebrating the life of St. Martin, a soldier who cut his cloak in two to share with a poor beggar.

During our Lantern Festival, we enjoy the gesture of sharing and a feeling of giving, and the opportunity for our children to live in this mood. As we bring ourselves in such a way; to give our cloak, or a smile of acceptance of each other, our festival shines forth on a dark night.