In addition to school programs, OSDS offers summer programs for children ages 3 - 10 from late June to mid-August each year. This summer, we are thrilled to be offering a program in Sag Harbor, at our year-round, farm-like location: 11 Carroll Street, as well as a satellite program in East Hampton at the Springs Fireplace Farm. The rhythms of both programs are similar: children spend the entire morning outdoors, rain or shine, experiencing the  joys of caring for the barnyard animals and working with the earth. The curriculum is designed in accordance with the ideals of Waldorf education: there is plenty of opportunity for creative play, song, movement, artistic activity, and farm activities. Nourish your child’s inherent connection to nature and enliven their curiosity about the world around them at one of our summer programs!



2017 OSDS SUMMER: 11 Carroll Street, Sag Harbor 


The chickens, ducks, goats,  large vegetable patch, herb and flower gardens, and expansive woodland play yard create a pastoral setting,  providing the perfect backdrop for the time-honored joys of childhood summertime. 

Mixed age learning is a tenet of our philosophy, and is one of the treasures of our summer programs. Each class has its own teacher and enjoys small-group time, but also is given space to come together with the other classes and to enjoy a broader social experience. 

Each day, we share a healthy, home-made, organic snack, featuring fresh produce from our garden, planted, tended and harvested by our campers. 

These programs are co-taught by Holly Maran & Andi Pisacano.

CHILDREN'S GARDEN  Real work with a real purpose inspires the developing will of the young child, and in our children's garden, campers work in the garden, and help to prepare our snack as we wash freshly harvested vegetables, bake bread, churn butter and grind grain. Each day also provides children with a space for uninterrupted play and exploration, as they collect their treasures and discover the natural world around them.  Daily circles include seasonal songs, poems and movement journeys.  The day ends with a storytelling or puppetry.

  • Days:  (Four day program) MONDAY - THURSDAY
  • Ages: 3 to 6
  • Tuition: $525/ week 

WOODLAND ARTS Budding artists and outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy this creative program. Hands-on experience helps strengthen a personal connection to the earth and foster a sense of stewardship.  Your child will spend the summer engaged in practical work in the garden, creative play and ART! Organic snack from our garden will also be enjoyed, and the day ends with storytelling or puppetry. (Our woodland play yard is well-kept by our goats, and sprayed monthly with an organic, essential oil tick repellant.)

  • Days:  (Four day program)  MONDAY - THURSDAY
  • Ages:  7 to 10
  • Fee:  $525/week 

Each week comprises a four day camp session. 
(Monday- Thursday) 

1 week $525     2 weeks $1050


  • We offer a 15% sibling discount when enrolling more than one child  
  • Current or past families of children enrolled in OSDS year-round programs receive a 25% discount. 


2017 Summer on the Farm: 1 Hog creek Lane, East Hampton 


Your Child will experience the joys of life on a real, working farm: Springs Fireplace Farm HAs 18 acres of rolling hills, a bluff overlooking Gardiners bay and an organic farm, complete with chickens and honey bee hives. 

This program includes work on the farm, creative play and lots of opportunity for songs, cooperative games and artistic activities. Your child will explore, harvest vegetables, feed chickens, gather eggs, tend the garden, dig, play and more!  Experienced Waldorf educators carefully guide this this mixed-age program, ensuring each child is met with satisfying activities appropriate to his/her level of development. Mixed-age groupings offer an intimate, family-like setting, in which social learning, including cooperation, empathy, and problem-solving,  can flourish.

The daily rhythm of this program includes working on the farm, creative play, storytelling, circle-time and games and artistic activities. Healthy, home-made, organic snack, which comes mostly from the farm itself, is provided daily. 

  • Days:  (4 day program )TUESDAY - FRIDAY
  • Ages: 4 to 10 
  • Tuition: $525/week
  • Co-teachers:  Meggan Gill , Maggie Touchette & Andi Pisacano


Each week comprises a four day camp session  
(Tuesday - Friday)

1 week $525     2 weeks $1050 3 weeks $1575 4 weeks $1890*
5 weeks $2360*     6 weeks $2835*     7 weeks $2940**     8 weeks  $3,360**


  • Includes discount of 10%  ( when enrolling 4 weeks or more)*
  • Includes a discount of  20% (when enrolling 7 weeks or more)**
  • We offer a 15% sibling discount when enrolling more than one child.  
  • Current or past families of children enrolled in OSDS year-round programs receive a 25% discount.