Ages 2.5- 4

  • Offered two or three days a week, Tuesday - Thursdays

  • 8.30 AM to 12.30 PM; for children who turn 3 after Dec. 1 2019, hours are 9.35 AM - 12.30 PM

  • AfterCare available (until 2.30); children must be 3 by December 1 2019 to be able to enroll in AfterCare

  • This program is for children 2 (or older) by March 1, 2019 and younger than 4 by September 1 ,2019

  • Children must be independent in the bathroom to enroll

  • Morning program includes healthy, hearty, homemade snack (such as vegetable soup).

Our Nursery program offers a warm and welcoming transition for the young child, who may be experiencing separation from parents for the first time.  Teachers work with parents and children to support and encourage the nursery child's growing independence beginning with a warm and welcoming drop off ritual each morning.  

 Young children are filled with joy and enthusiasm. Participating wholeheartedly in everything around them, they learn naturally through imitation and imagination. Our nursery — loving, warm, and secure — reflects this view of children. Teachers support the children’s growth by working in meaningful activities such as baking bread, gardening, and caring for our barnyard animals. The teachers nurture the children’s imagination by telling stories, singing, and encouraging free play.

Children in our nursery learn to put on their own coat and shoes, which promotes self-reliance, confidence and patience in learning. This, in turn, leads children to have patience with others and a willingness to share and help. Children learn to love learning as they gain new skills in these primary tasks. 

This curriculum supports the children's developing motor skills, social intelligence, and scientific curiosity. Through our work with songs, stories, and games, we also begin to plant the seeds of literacy and numeracy in a way that will allow the concepts to grow with the children. 

Through these experiences, each child has the opportunity to grow and develop in their actions, thoughts, and feelings. The qualities we value in adulthood are fostered here: creative and flexible thinking, inner conviction, self-discipline, personal freedom, and self-knowledge.