Organizational Structure

The School's Board of Trustees establishes financial and legal policies, oversees the development and implementation of the budget, determines tuition rates, and develops long-range plans to support the continued health and growth of the institution. Current Board Members include :

  • Chairperson: Nathan Woiwode

  • Secretary: Christina Martin

  • Treasurer: Steven Long

  • Faculty Representative: Patricia Frey

  • Bayard Fenwick

  • Meegan Chaskey

  • Pia Leighton

Board member terms are 2 years; new members are voted in every June. To contact the Board of Trustees, email

This subcommittee of the Board of Trustees confidentially reviews applications for need-based aid, determines award amounts, notifies families and manages the budgeted the fund.

The Administrator works in service of the Mission of the school. In collaboration with the faculty as a whole, he/or she guides the pedagogy, curriculum development, teacher evaluation and mentoring, and admission work. He or she implements policies approved by the Board, plans and budgets, manages human resources, and facilitates and ensures the smooth daily operations of the school.

Maggie Touchette, Administrator & 3 Day Nursery Teacher
Trish Frey, 5 Day Children's Garden Teacher
Andi Pisacano, Parent-Child Teacher & Nursery Assistant Teacher
Ashely Wade, 5 Day Assistant Teacher