Tuition Assistance 

We feel strongly that a Waldorf education should be available to any child, regardless of financial circumstances. 

Our Sons and Daughters School is dedicated to working with parents to create a plan that enables students of diverse backgrounds to attend the school.  Approximately 45% of our students receive some tuition assistance.  Committing to a private school is a significant financial investment for a family.  Although the school strives to support families with demonstrated financial need, the primary responsibility for financing a student’s education rests with his or her family, including non-custodial, separated and divorced parents.  In addition to the options provided by the school, parents may need to look for other sources for additional support.  Families with incomes of up to $120,000 are eligible to apply for tuition assistance.  The range of need-based assistance is generally between 5% and 50% of tuition.  The school commits a portion of each year’s tuition revenue as well as fundraising efforts to support the tuition assistance program.  This revenue is distributed to applicants based on relative demonstrated financial need.  Consequently, grants are made for one year and applications for tuition assistance must be renewed each year.

Priority is given to returning students, siblings, and those meeting the March 1st deadline.  The Tuition Assistance Committee meets in mid-April to review completed applications.  Grants will be awarded and communicated to families by May 15th.  Funds may not be available to families who do not meet the March 1st deadline.  

We do not discriminate in the administration of our policies because of race, creed, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.  Tuition Assistance decisions are made independently of the admissions process.

Tuition Assistance applications are due March 1st.  We can only review applications that are complete.  The entire Tuition Assistance process, including grants and applications, is confidential.  Your Tuition Assistance process must be finalized and the Tuition Management Agreement completed on TADS before your child can attend school.

How to apply for Tuition Assistance:

1. Complete your Application for Admissions or submit your Re-Enrollment Contract. 
Applicants for tuition assistance will only be considered when an application for admission or re-enrollment has been completed. 

2. Complete Tuition Assistance Application through TADS.
Our tuition assistance program is managed by TADS (Tuition Aid Data Services).  To apply please fill out an application at  Applicants for tuition assistance are subject to a $34 processing fee by TADS. TADS takes into account income, expenses, number of family members, indebtedness, liquidity of assets, and unusual expenses.  Financial information and documentation is required from all of the children’s parents and is kept strictly confidential.

3. Application Review and Grants made by Tuition Assistance Committee.
The report detailed by TADS is reviewed by our Tuition Assistance Committee and serves as a guideline in making financial aid decisions.  The amount of tuition assistance granted will be determined by the Tuition Assistance Committee in consideration of TADS reports, the entire program budget, funds available, and the number of tuition assistance applications. 

4. Appeals Process
If no assistance is granted or the award is less than required, a written letter of appeal may be written to the Tuition Assistance Committee. This letter should outline: any expenses or financial obligations which were omitted from the original application & the amount of additional assistance in order to make it possible for enrollment. The Tuition Assistance Committee notifies a family of the decision within two weeks of receipt of the appeal letter. Written acceptance of final awards made by the school must be received by the Tuition Assistance Committee within 14 days of the notification date; if there is a lack of written acceptance, it is assumed that the award was denied and the funds are returned to the tuition assistance ‘pot.’


Tuition Assistance Applications For New Students  

Families applying for enrollment after the start of the school year may be considered for tuition assistance if funds remain.  Families should apply for tuition assistance at when they apply for admission to the school.  Once the child has been accepted, the tuition grant will be communicated to the family.  Acceptance to the school is need blind: tuition assistance decisions are made independently of the admissions process.